What is the Clock Spring?

- Jun 18, 2017 -

Clock spring, also known as rotary connector, balloon hairspring, spiral cable, is used to connect the main airbag and airbag wiring harness, or steering wheel switch button and control unit harness, in fact, is a section of the wiring harness. Because the main airbag to rotate with the steering wheel (can be imagined to have a certain length of the wiring harness, wrapped in the steering wheel steering shaft, with the steering wheel rotation can be timely reverse release or tight around, but it is also limit, To ensure that the steering wheel to the left or right when the wiring harness can not be pulled off), so the connection harness to leave the margin, to ensure that the steering wheel to the side of the limit position without being pulled off. This is particularly important when installing, and must be kept in the middle.

Generally installed in the steering wheel under the combination of the switch above the tube or sheet metal sheet metal. It is mainly composed of flexible flat cable, do the relative rotation of the shell, wiring harness (conductive leads) and connectors, neutral pin and other components. In the steering wheel left and right of the rotation action, to ensure that the driver before the airbag, horn switch and other electrical components of the normal circuit connection.

Many car manufacturers desperately to pursue the number of revolutions, there is a misunderstanding, the clock spring can not be the number of rotatable ring is better, according to the steering wheel can be rotated to determine the number of laps, generally about 0.5 laps of the margin is enough. The greater the number of revolutions of the clock spring, the greater the manufacturing cost, the more the number of internal winding layers, the greater the probability of failure.

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