Car Smoke Smoking Various Situations

- Dec 24, 2018 -

What is the cause of smoking in a car? How to deal with it?

The smoke of a car can be big or small, and many new car owners are always at a loss when they face the smoke of a car.

In fact, do not panic before the failure, carefully observe the smoke situation, different fault smoke has different solutions, so first understand the identification of smoke types.

The car smokes without panic, and the three colors recognize the type of smoke.

Condition one. black smoke

Car body performance: The engine of the car is shaken loudly, the exhaust pipe has an abnormal sound, and the black smoke body is discharged at the same time, and it feels weak when accelerating.

The cause of the malfunction: the phenomenon of black smoke is more common in the carburetor car. This is because the fuel injection amount of the carburetor model is not controlled by the computer, but is controlled by the pedal throttle. In some cases, too much fuel enters. The cylinders were later discharged outside the car when they burned, which caused the black smoke we saw.


  1. The car of the carburetor is now basically old. It is necessary to check the aging degree of the carburetor and other parts frequently. The carburetor car is different from the EFI car. It should be maintained and adjusted frequently to develop good use. Car habits.

  2. EFI vehicles should inspect the cylinder line every 30,000 kilometers, check the spark plug every one kilometer, and replace it if there is any problem.

Condition 2: White smoke

Car body performance: It can be seen that a large amount of white water vapor emerges and the engine is not running smoothly. Even if the engine is warmed up to reach the normal working water temperature, a large amount of water vapor will emerge.

The cause of the malfunction: The white smoke may be caused by the wear of the cylinder head of the engine cylinder, resulting in a certain gap, which causes the water of the heat dissipation system to enter the combustion chamber in a large amount. The water cannot be burned, and after being heated, water vapor is generated and discharged directly from the exhaust pipe.


1.Check the engine block and the cylinder head for damage and check the tank for water.

2.Check the car manual and add the correct grade of gasoline in strict accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.

Situation 3: Blue smoke

Car body performance: The vehicle's explosive power is reduced, the feeling is accelerated, the noise is increased, the exhaust pipe is discharged with blue smoke, and the burnt smell caused by the burning of the organic oil is accompanied.By checking the oil gauge, you will also find that the oil consumption is too large. After normal maintenance, after 7500 kilometers of travel, the oil consumption should be within the normal range, no need to replenish.

The cause of the failure: Most of the blue smoke is caused by internal engine failure, which causes the oil to burn into the combustion chamber. There are two common situations:If the inner wall of the cylinder is scratched, the piston is poorly sealed, or the valve is severely worn, a gap will be generated. The oil that is originally responsible for lubrication will enter the combustion chamber through these gaps to participate in combustion. When the oil that cannot be burned is discharged outside the vehicle, blue is generated. Colored smoke.

Treatment method:

1.For vehicles with older ages, always check the sealing of cylinders, pistons, etc., and find that blue smoke is discharged to the repair station in time to prevent further damage.

2.It is not advisable to add oil to the right amount. Too much or too little.Regularly check the oil usage. Once you find that the oil consumption is abnormal, go to the professional service station for inspection.

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