How To Judge Whether It Is A Valve Oil Seal Or A Burner Oil Caused By A Piston Ring

- Jan 02, 2019 -

"burning oil" means that the oil enters the combustion chamber of the engine, and participates in the combustion together with the mixed gas, resulting in faster engine oil loss and oil leakage. The most common problems that often cause the engine to "burn oil" are the valve oil seal and the piston ring. So if we judge the problem of the piston ring or the valve oil seal?

First, let's first understand the cause of the burning oil.

  • Valve seal

    The valve oil seal is not pressed; the clearance between the valve guide and the cylinder head is large; the valve oil seal is worn, the valve stem and the valve guide are worn excessively; the valve oil seal is aging, so that the oil flows along the valve stem to the combustion chamber, causing the oil to burn.

  • Piston ring

    The piston ring is reversed; the piston ring is not staggered according to the regulations; the outer diameter of the piston ring is small and the clearance between the cylinder and the cylinder is large; during maintenance and use, the piston ring, piston and cylinder are not cleaned; the piston ring has poor wear resistance. Premature wear causes the oil to enter the combustion chamber to burn the oil; the piston and cylinder barrel wear piston diameter and cylinder clearance exceed the specified value.

  • other reasons

    The corrugated ring is not installed in place, so that the engine cylinder is grooved; the cylinder wall is scratched accidentally during assembly; the engine is hot; (not checking for lack of oil, lack of water) oil oil lubrication is poor; not warm The car, causing wear; the gasoline pump enters the combustion chamber.

What are the methods for judging the burning of oil?

There are three types of car burning oil (the oil is burned by the cool car, the oil is burned when it is accelerated, and the oil is burned at any time).

  • Valve oil sealing machine oil judging method

    1) The method of adding the throttle and the loose throttle; 2) The carbon deposit is serious, and the three-way catalytic converter is blocked; 3) If the exhaust gas is thick blue smoke, the vehicle has already burned the oil. If the blue smoke disappears after the hot car, the burning oil belongs to the cool car burning oil. (This is due to the aging or damage of the valve oil seal, resulting in poor sealing effect, and the oil enters the cylinder from the valve).

  • Piston ring burning machine oil judging method

    1 After the hot car, whether it is a sudden acceleration or idle process, as long as the speed rises rapidly, the exhaust pipe will have blue smoke, which is a sudden acceleration of the engine oil. (The rapid acceleration of the engine oil is mainly due to the poor sealing effect between the inner wall of the cylinder and the piston ring, which causes the oil to enter the combustion chamber directly from the crankcase.) 2 The cylinder pressure and the piston ring have problems. The cylinder pressure data can be used to judge the amount of wear (if not Quite serious, or a cylinder problem, by adding a repair agent, should be automatically repaired after 1500 km).

  • Other reasons

    Once started, you can see the blue smoke. At this time, the engine oil is already quite serious, and there may even be a safety hazard. This type of oil is burned at any time. (The engine is seriously worn, resulting in a tight seal, which provides favorable conditions for burning the oil. At this time, it must be urgently repaired to avoid more serious failures and damage)

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