What Is The Impact Of Excessive Fuel Injection On The Injector

- Dec 25, 2018 -

Affect engine performance

1.As one of the key parts of the EFI engine, its operation will seriously affect the performance of the engine.

2.Blockage of the injector can seriously affect the performance of the car. The cause of the blockage is that the fuel nozzle is blocked by depositing carbon deposits on the injector or impurities in the fuel. After the car has been running for a while, the fuel system will form a certain deposit

3.The formation of sediments is directly related to the fuel of the car: First of all, because the gasoline itself contains colloids, impurities, or dust and impurities brought in during storage and transportation, it forms a sludge-like deposit in the fuel tank and oil inlet pipe.Secondly, the unstable components in the gasoline are reflected at a certain temperature to form a colloidal and resinous viscous material.These viscous materials in the nozzle, intake valve and other parts, when burned, the deposit will become a hard carbon deposit.In addition, due to urban traffic congestion, cars are often in a low-speed and idle state, which further aggravates the formation and accumulation of these deposits.Fuel system deposits are very hazardous.Sediment can block the needle valve of the injector, the valve hole, affecting the working performance of the precision components of the electronic injection system, resulting in a decrease in power performance.Sediment will form carbon deposits in the near-gas valve, causing it to be shut down, resulting in unstable engine idling, increased fuel consumption and deteriorating exhaust emissions;The deposit will form hard carbon deposits on the top of the piston and the cylinder head. Due to the high heat capacity of the carbon deposit, the thermal conductivity is poor, and it is easy to cause engine crash and other failures;In addition, the life of the three-way catalyst is shortened.

4.The operation of the injectors plays a fundamental role in the power of each engine.Due to the poor fuel quality, the nozzle does not work well, which makes the carbon deposit in the cylinder serious;Cylinder cylinder and piston ring accelerate wear, resulting in unstable idle speed, increased fuel consumption, accelerated acceleration, difficulty in starting and excessive discharge, which will completely block the injector and damage the engine.Therefore, it is necessary to clean the injector regularly, and if it is not cleaned for a long time or the nozzle is frequently cleaned, it will have a bad influence.

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